Evolutionists aren't very enlightened

In response to several letters that tend to imply that people who do not believe in evolution are not as enlightened as those who do, I would like to add my two cents.


I believe in creation not because of some emotional wish to be in heaven on a cloud, but because it makes the most sense. If, in the middle of desert, I came upon a house with everything I needed to survive -- including food, water, comfortable temperature and even things that just make life more enjoyable like a beautiful view -- could I assume that this home evolved over millions of years? Evolution would assume so. If ancient ruins were uncovered and were mostly made of stone, could I not assume that they evolved? Silly, isn't it?

Yet plants, animals and humans are much more complex and we are supposed to believe that they all evolved.. If we evolved, why did birds get wings and we did not? Or are they coming later? I see no logical reason for animals to evolve to the sky when up until then all the food was on the ground. Why can we not find hundreds of planets in the various stages of evolution?

Evolution makes about as much sense as believing that if I put glass, leather and metal in a clothes dryer and spin it for millions of years I just might get a watch that keeps perfect time. Evolutionists just don't seem too "enlightened" to me.

Chris Paulus



Tue, 08/15/2017 - 23:26

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