Evolution letter missed key points

In regard to Johnnie Poole's letter to the editor (" 'Design' is not all that intelligent," Feb. 21), he stated that evolution is driven by successful reproduction. Reproduction, in itself, is a clear indication of design. Does he think the first beings were asexual? This would have to be the case if the species were to continue.


And his so-called "clear transitional path" to the eye is full of suppositional puzzle pieces that could not possibly lead to such a complex organ. Organisms would need a "motivation" that would signal a need for change from rudimentary to complex, but there is none in the natural world.

The statement he makes concerning "the back and foot look exactly as though they had evolved" falls in line with all evolutionary dogma espoused today. Similarities in appearance or function are not evidence of evolution but common designer whose designs are superior. Consider the brain, the organs and the systems that work harmoniously together, through which we could not survive if one were missing. Perhaps Mr. Poole has bad feet and a bad back, but mine work exceptionally well.

God created a perfect world in which man totally fouled up by disobeying Him. This is the reason there is death, disease and destruction -- and bad backs and feet.

I would also be cautious of calling the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent and holy Creator of the universe cruel and incompetent.

Joe Rich



Sat, 08/19/2017 - 23:30

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