What must Republicans be thinking?

It absolutely, positively blows my mind that only three -- three! -- Republicans voted in favor of President Obama's and the Democrats' stimulus package the president signed into law this Tuesday past.


I even, seriously, got a message from Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss, telling me he voted against the stimulus because "the Democrats in Washington obviously don't understand what the taxpayers want." President Obama currently has an 82-percent approval rating, and the Republicans were overwhelmingly voted out of Congress last November. Obviously President Obama, the congressional Democrats and the three Yankee senators who care about their jobs and voted for the stimulus don't know what the taxpayers want or need.

I wish people such as Sen. Chambliss would realize I'm really not that stupid or gullible, because reading The Augusta Chronicle every day keeps me very intelligent -- up on all things.

What must the Republicans be thinking by not supporting President Obama's stimulus whatsoever? A logical person might think the Republican Party would go completely extinct when the economy improves from so many people becoming employed, having their benefits extended and keeping their houses, thus stimulating business growth.

Notwithstanding, the Republicans know exactly what they're doing. They cannot support President Obama now; instead, they swear up and down that nothing Obama does helps the economy. And when the economy inevitably improves -- and a small tax surplus is created from Obama repealing Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest 5 percent of Americans -- the Republicans will come back into power with unshaky promises of "Now that everything's finally fixed, let's have the tax cuts back. Let's see if we can possibly top the budget deficit that Bush left President Obama. And, uh, oh yeah -- no more oversight of business because oversight is communist." And then we can go through the whole horrific boom-and-bust cycle all over again.

Great. Can't wait. Try to hold on to your 401(k) at that point!

Nathan Kirby



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