Presidency off to rocky start

It already is obvious that the administration of President Obama is inept and out of its element. It is one thing to criticize and belittle from the outside, but now they have caught the tiger, and it appears too much for them!


From the appointment of officials with tax and other ethical problems, to the pork-laden stimulus package, to the arrogant attitude of "we won so just do as we say," they are off to a rocky beginning. They have cancelled bidding on 77 parcels of oil land and say they will restrict more, including offshore drilling. Democrats in Congress are attacking free speech and the right to own guns, even as we progress through just the first 20 days of this administration. These legislation will be forthcoming!

The closing of Guantanamo Bay military prison facility and the cancellation of further trials there does not portend well for the future battle against terrorists.

There is a move afoot by the White House to take control of the Census into the White House, thus giving them the opportunity to control congressional redistricting in favor of Democrats! The current "stimulus" package is nothing more than a payoff to far-left supporters of the Democrats, and contains very little to create jobs. Just another, as-usual Democrat excuse to conduct a massive raid on the treasury!

This recession will continue and will deepen regardless what the administration and Congress do, because the people realize this is the most anti-business administration and Congress ever to be in charge! People are scared to death of what the government may do, and are shutting down the economy by not spending. I firmly believe we owe them as much support and courtesy as they gave to President Bush during his term in office -- at least as much!

Robert Smock, Hephzibah



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