Mideast column omitted many facts

Responding to the Jan. 29 guest column " Mideast conflict demands resolution," I was appalled that Dr. Hossam Fadel attempted to justify the Hamas regime's terrorism.


There are three points that Dr. Fadel intentionally fails to acknowledge. First, Israel accepted compromise and offered a Palestinian state in 1948, when the United Nations resolution to divide the land was accepted by Israel and rejected by the Arab League. Second, in 1967 when the Israeli government offered to withdraw for peace and this too was rejected by the Arab summit. Also, in 1993 when Palestinians resorted to terror rather than follow the Oslo Accords.

For 60 years Palestinians have always chosen violent options rather than trusting political, nonviolent actions. Dr. Fadel conveniently forgets to mention the numbers of Israelis - innocent men, women and children - who have been killed or wounded by mortars, rockets and suicide bombings over that period.

As a sovereign state, Israel has the right to defend its citizens against those who seek its destruction. Continued daily rocket attacks from the Gaza area into Israel and the avowed purpose of the Hamas regime to eliminate Israel's right to exist illustrate exactly how that government is willing to seek a real lasting peace in the Middle East.

Marc Gottlieb


(The writer is chairman of the Augusta Jewish Community Relations Committee.)



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