Keep playing kids out of the streets

In the Jan. 25 newspaper column by Bill Kirby ("Macon residents, take this fight to the street"), he expresses non-positive opinions about kids playing sports in public streets and seems to disagree with the city of Macon's action eliminating play activity in public streets.


Mr. Kirby thinks it is safe for youngsters to play sports in public streets since he, as a young boy, played in the streets and no incidents of danger occurred. Does he not realize that when he was a young boy:

there were fewer vehicles in motion;

their speeds were a lot less;

most streets were unpaved;

fewer driver distractions existed;

fewer playground facilities existed;

more younger and much older drivers now exist.

There are many other conditions one could cite. Anyway, where I live in an Evans subdivision, the kids make you wait until their instance of playing is completed. Nowadays there exist more public playgrounds, and church/school sports indoor/outdoor facilities. Kids do need to play and have fun, but the streets need to be reserved totally for vehicle travel.

Earl Gregory



Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:16

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