Ideas can turn school system around

A great deal of discussion about not having sufficient money for the schools proposed budget is going to affect the education of our children and, naturally, produces a sense of dread in the parents.


I was discussing the problem with a former teacher in the Augusta system and he had several ideas that seemed appropriate.

First: Increase each of the class schedules by 10 minutes and thus only operate the facilities for four days per week - a 20 percent savings of utilities, bus fuel and salaries. In this way, our students will not suffer for lack of exposure to being educated.

Second: The teacher shortage could be alleviated by releasing the many vice principals and assistants to go back into the classroom. For years our system operated without all this management.

Third: Remove all the counselors, because most of the students rely on their teachers for advice. If necessary, advise the teachers on the protocol of being advisors.

Fourth: Almost every curriculum in the system has someone in charge of the program who does not teach.

This is the time to make the necessary reductions and not put the burden of an ever-expanding system on the taxpayers.

Pedro C. Santos