Get rid of the flood of illegal workers in the CSRA

The unemployment rate is rising and yet we have thousands of illegals presently employed right here in the CSRA. Just go to any construction site or road construction, and even in many restaurants, lawn service businesses, etc. and you will see illegals. My question to our local elected officials and the sheriff is: Why do you allow this to go on?


All that needs to be done is for law enforcement to challenge the employers to prove that these employees are legal. If they are legal, all well and good; if not, they should be fined and told to get rid of them or the fines would continue.

Under federal law, it is illegal to hire undocumented aliens. Also it is easy to verify the validity of the social security number via the Social Security Administration. But law enforcement does not even have to do that; just direct the employers that they have to provide the validation documents in 30 days or the fines begin.

I am willing to bet the illegals will disappear.

These jobs belong to American citizens, not illegals. This should be an urgent issue for law enforcement, elected officals and especially the black community.

Frank Scharite




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