Forget cigarettes; go after alcohol

A few days ago I saw in the news where a politician in Atlanta was advocating raising cigarette taxes $1 per pack. I do not and have never smoked, but it appears tobacco has become a whipping boy for folks from all walks of life. Some think cigarettes should be outlawed from all restaurants.


I know there is a lot of talk about how deadly smoke is. I would like to see the figures comparing the deaths actually caused from smoke and those killed from alcohol-related incidents. How many times have you read where someone sat in a restaurant, ate his meal, smoked a cigarette, got in his vehicle and caused a serious accident, causing death or injury to others? You hear of it when they have been drinking, but no politician wants to tackle that problem by raising the taxes extremely high on alcohol. Wonder why.

I know there's a politician from Columbia County who got a DUI in Atlanta after being involved in a wreck, and who kept getting his hearing put off until he could get re-elected -- and then was able to get just a slap on the wrist. Why?

Of course it must have been reported wrong, since alcohol is not all that bad -- tobacco is. He must have just smoked a cigarette before the accident, instead of taking a drink.

I remember sometime back when a man was involved in an accident after drinking in a local restaurant. If my memory serves me correctly, they wanted to blame the restaurant and the waitress who served him the drinks for serving him too much drink. Who gave a waitress the authority to know when a person has had too much to drink?

I think it is time for the politicians to address the alcohol problem, but you hear no talk about raising taxes on it. Why?

Seems to me some have their priorities wrong. Need to go after the real killer.

Don Matthews