Another GOP recession bequeathed

Feels like every Republican in the CSRA has made sure to stop by and tell me there's absolutely no way President Obama will improve the economy President Bush is bequeathing him. And with all of about seven Democrats living in this area - that's a lot of Republicans!


Who can forget the terrible recession and largest budget deficit in history, at the time, President Bush, Sr. left President Clinton to deal with in January 1993? Republicans were positive the economy would not improve under President Clinton, and yet it did. The U.S. had its best economy and lowest unemployment in history under President Clinton.

However, according to my Republican amigos, President Clinton was an impotent duck whose economy benefited solely from measures implemented by Bush, Sr. at the end of his Presidency, the "Dot.Com boom", and a Republican-controlled House of Representatives: nothing else.

Well, so, history seems to have repeated itself under the junior Bush President. President Obama will inherit a terrible recession and the largest budget deficit in history from him. But what if somehow the economy does miraculously improve, rebound, under President Obama? Are my Republican homies already thinking about how he had absolutely nothing to do with the recovery?

How will the Republicans have pushed President Obama and the other Democrats in Washington way over to the side, and single-handedly pulled our once-glorious economy out of the toilet?

Will it have everything to do with measures Bush Jr. is implementing at the end of his presidency? And maybe Bill Gates will invent something to help, too, eh?

Nathan Kirby, Augusta



Sat, 12/09/2017 - 21:28

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