Must I be charged for every song?

Recently I woke up and decided to do what I do every morning, get on my computer. I signed onto Myspace. When I clicked on the symbol for new messages, I had a message titled, "Widget From Your Profile Has Been Deleted."


Upon opening this message and reading it, I discovered that an add-on called a Project Playlist player, was removed from my page due to copyright issues.

I ask you, how greedy are artists going to get, along with the rest of the world? I mean, yes I understand it's their work, their songs, but they get millions for songs, along with the rest of their merchandise. For most people, music means something, music is a way to get away, music is a lifestyle, music is freedom of expression. Music can show the mood of a person, or the beliefs, or whatever they happen to want it to show.

I put the Project Playlist player on my Myspace page to express myself, to show what I like, to say what I can't say. Now, it's gone.

Yes, I still have my account on Project Playlist, but pretty soon if artists don't stop being so greedy that'll be gone too.

I own CDs and a radio, but I put music on my pages to show others my expression and now it's slowly being taken away.

iTunes, CDs, and other things contain music you have to pay for. Those are perfectly fine; they make money for the artists and the company. But frankly not everyone can afford it. My family is most certainly one of the many families in America that has money problems, and we all love music, but no one should have to pay for it every time they download a song. It's ridiculous. I mean, am I going to start being charged every time I sing a song in a talent show, for tryouts, or just in the shower?

Music is a part of freedom of expression for artists and for the fans who listen to it. So, shouldn't at least some of that expression be for free?

Sierra Vennes, Martinez



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