Grantham's example one of service

Seventy years ago today, the city of Augusta welcomed Don A. Grantham into the world. His arrival was nothing special, as he was one of many children born that day in the city by the river, but his life would become special to the city he calls home.


To this day, he serves Augusta in a multitude of ways; elected leader, proud citizen, and successful business owner. Don Grantham has given a tremendous amount of his time, energy and effort not only as a citizen, but as a husband, father, and grandfather.

My sister and I are writing to all of you today to let you know that the energy and focus he put into raising us into responsible adults has been successfully transferred and magnified into serving all of you.

Over the years, our father has set an example for us that is difficult to match. He has given and continues to give so much to the city and state he loves, while also providing love to our mother and our respective families.

Simply put, he is our hero, and we are proud to call ourselves his children.

We are proud that he has shown us that serving one's fellow man is a worthwhile endeavor and rewarding in ways that are difficult to describe.

So, on this day, we celebrate his 70th birthday by telling all of you that while we have chosen other paths in life that have taken us from this special place, we are honored to be with him today to celebrate his birthday, life and his service to this great city.

Happy birthday to you Dad. May you have many more.

Zoe Grantham Gawrych

Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

Don Anthony Grantham, Jr.

New Albany, Ohio



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