Power plants can fuel economy

Recent announcements that the nation is in a recession, 500,000 jobs were lost in November and national unemployment was projected to reach 9 percent brought home to everyone that the nation is headed for tough economic times.


In many Georgia counties unemployment has already reached 9-12 percent with economic recovery projected to be a year or two away.

Three power plant projects already in the permitting stage can pump $10 billion into the state's economy and create over 1,100 permanent jobs and something like 3,000 temporary jobs while the plants are being built. These plants are the two new reactors at Plant Vogtle near Waynesboro, and coal-fired plants near Sandersville and in Early County in the southwestern corner of the state.

All of these employ advanced technologies to reduce emissions to much lower levels that existing plants built 25-35 years ago. These plants are needed to supply new power and replace aging coal and the 135 nuclear plants that are nearing the ends of their operational lives in the next 25 years.

These long-lived projects will pump needed money and jobs into parts of the state that were struggling even before the current economic downturn. These new power plants would prepare the state for a faster economic recovery without needing a taxpayer bailout that must someday be repaid.

Hovey Smith, Sandersville



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