Pray for Obama; it's what Christians do

I have followed presidential elections since President Ronald Reagan. In the past, I have been disappointed with the choice America has made, and in some cases extremely proud.


But I have never been angry and spiteful at the results of America's choice.

Even after watching Gore and Kerry lose with some controversy, I didn't see on television or in print news the anger and hatred I see today.

If you don't like President-elect Obama or don't like his policies, then you should have driven more people to the polls. You should have registered more people to vote, you should have given more money to your candidate's campaign or you could have run for office yourself and created change that way.

But don't put your hatred into the world -- name calling or accusations about being the Antichrist. President-elect Obama is a Christian man who has a different world view. I can't see the world as he sees it because I haven't lived his life. But I trust God, and if you trust God the way you say you do, then you know to pray for President-elect Obama to get the right message and to pray for his advisers to get the right message. This is what Christians do!

I disagreed with many prior presidents' policies but I never had the feeling of hate in my heart for them. What I have read in newspapers over the past several days are messages of hate mixed with policy disagreements.

What I love about the editorials is that citizens have the right to express their opinions. This is what makes America great and sometimes dangerous. Having rights shouldn't make you reckless. If people truly believe President-elect Obama will ruin the country then they are one president and eight years too late.

Tony Littles

New Ellenton, S.C.



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