Clear up confusion on union elections

I am not surprised that the editor is just as confused as the late congressman from the 10th district when it comes to the Employee Freedom of Choice Act.


This legislation came about after Rep. Norwood offered a bill to make "card-checks" illegal. Today's bill attempts to provide a means whereby workers can have union representation without the fear and intimidation used by employers and their lawyers during the period leading up to the election.

There are usually 42 days from the filing of the petition to the election itself. During these 42 days, the company destroys the atmosphere for a fair election by conducting required meetings for the workers. These meetings provide bogus information, (similar to your editorial claiming that 70 percent favor secret ballot over card check.)

The objective is to confuse the workers into voting against themselves with misleading propaganda.

Having participated in over 50 elections across this country, I see the need for this legislation. If you would remove yourself from the Chamber of Commerce propaganda and talk to actual workers affected by this, you would too.

Richard K. Thomas




Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:17

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