Seeks Republicans to challenge Broun

Two years ago, Congressman Paul Broun won the Republican nomination for his seat based on the strength of Athens Democrats who crossed party lines to vote in the Republican primary.


On Nov. 4, Barack Obama overwhelmingly won in the Athens area. Congressman Broun called President-elect Obama a Marxist, comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

This is a direct insult to all voters in the district who supported the president-elect.

At a time when the country can ill-afford another failed presidency, these comments indicate that Congressman Broun intends to undermine the new Obama administration.

Although the rest of the country can dismiss Congressman Broun as a fool, Northeast Georgia needs a congressman who will work across party lines to solve the serious problems now facing the district and the country, instead of one who prefers to stand on the sidelines throwing rhetorical firebombs.

I invite any potential Republican challengers to Congressman Broun in 2010 to reach out to Athens Democrats. I suspect Congressman Broun has damaged his image sufficiently in Athens that we will be ready to cross party lines once again in support of a sane Republican who promises to reach across the aisle when possible without compromising his or her principles.

Scott Dougan




Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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