Lazy outdoorsmen despoiling nature

For the last year and a half, I have been enjoying the Savannah River up and down by kayaking with friends. I grew up here and never fully appreciated the river until I began to traverse it. What a wonderful resource we all have! Right in our backyard!


I was in an area about a mile above the Stevens Creek dam this past weekend, and while paddling along the South Carolina bank came upon a point out in the river where the ground was covered with at least 50 spent shotgun shells, presumably left by hunters.

All up and down the river you can also see numerous empty blue bait containers littered along the banks, along with empty soda and beer cans.

Come on, outdoorsmen. Tote out your refuse.

This river doesn't deserve to have its beauty sullied by lazy hunters, fishermen, and others.

The river belongs to us all. You wouldn't leave that garbage around in your front yard, would you?

J. Michael Bryan




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