Breast cancer coverage top-notch

This is a rave for the entire Morris and Augusta Chronicle staff.


The CSRA is lucky to have you. The coverage on Breast Cancer Awareness has been five-star.

The Oct. 1 edition, printed entirely on high-quality pink paper, caused a good deal of excitement throughout the CSRA, and it continued with such taste, class and elegance with each story that has been featured.

The photography done with the full-page black-and-white and with a pink scarf or tie accent was very flattering to each individual, and again had such class. The name I have seen credited for the photos was Kendrick Brinson, but all pictures and coverage were excellent.

How nice of Morris and the Augusta Chronicle to go to so much trouble to cover these victorious people, and to help us grow in the CSRA on what treatments could be available if any of us ever had to encounter the same situations.

God bless you all and my thanks to you.

Margaret Alligood