Hatred lives long after Obama election

With the presidential election of a black man, the KKK, skinheads and the threatened lower, middle and upper classes are crawling out from under their rocks, like spiders, spewing their venom against blacks.


Nor have Florida, California, Arkansas and Arizona changed. They continued to show their hatred for gay Americans by their votes.

Gays are well-educated, law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying Americans whose dream is to be happy in their existence and enjoy the same legal benefits that are bestowed on the remainder of the country.

Everyone wants the right to pursue happiness, and part of the pursuit is sharing their life and loving someone even if that someone happens to be the same sex.

I was sickened to learn that two of the largest segments in these four states were blacks and Latinos, who voted against the rights of gay people to legally have same sex marriages and adopt children.

After all these years of fighting for your own human rights against people who think blacks should be in the fields of the old plantation and Latinos should go back to south of the border, you vote to treat gays people as non-humans, unworthy of their legal rights.

I expect this from the conservative religious right. They are the largest organized group of racists and hatemongers in America. I would like to see these "churches" paying taxes since they no longer keep church and state separate. That would keep them busy with a whole new legal issue, and maybe they would leave the rest of us alone (and it would help our economy too).

Many Americans may have voted for "change," but they have yet to have an epiphany about the eradication of racism and discrimination. Change is not done yet, but hopefully, has a good start with President-Elect Obama and his administration in 2009.

Don Tate



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