Remarks like Broun's caused landslide

Recent remarks from Rep. Paul Broun are the reason for the Democratic landslide last week.


He is a very dangerous man himself. In his own words "It may sound a bit crazy" and for sure it is crazy for him to believe our next president, Barack Obama, could be likened to Hitler or socialist Marxism.

He is digging a deeper hole now for re-election in two years because I believe the voters in Columbia County never got to know Paul Broun well enough before this last election.

He depended on the political machine in this county to carry him through.

I have news for the Republicans in this county that a new day is coming and most informed voters will see through this evilness and get back to their Christian values and vote again for a compassionate, knowledgeable, moderate Democrat who will be all-inclusive of every voter and not just the fortunate ones now who aren't facing hard economic times and possibly losing their homes and jobs.

Our re-elected U.S. Rep. Broun hasn't a clue about what his constituents really need and want. Voters beware in two years just who will be more in tune to your needs here in Columbia County.

Rosemary Fitzpatrick, Chairwoman, Columbia County Democratic Party, Grovetown



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