Bush will get better from historians

To use a time-worn phrase, we'll soon not have President Bush to kick around any longer. Not as president anyway.


I can't say that I've been an adoring fan of his presidency, but I will give him this: In the 50 years I've been cognizant of presidential politics, no one in my opinion has been criticized, vilified, slandered or otherwise treated with greater disrespect by the Fourth Estate. And I'm not at all certain they are finished chewing on his backside. We will be treated to replays and rewrites for years to come.

Thanks in large part to the mass media, President Bush will leave office with one of the lower approval ratings of any president -- a rating exceeded only by the disapproval of Congress. Yet representatives and senators alike get a pass on the ills of the nation, despite the fact they deserve a large part of the credit for the current state of the country.

The honeymoon with President-elect Obama has just begun, but rest assured the media will flail away at every conceivable fault of the past eight years. Through it all President Bush -- with a great deal of help from his Cabinet and other advisors -- remained true to his convictions and steadfast in his beliefs of what was good and right for the country.

Objective historians will treat him with greater respect.

Dean Wood

Aiken, S.C.



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