Cardiologist touched many hearts

I would like to express my gratitude for having the opportunity of working with an outstanding individual, Dr. Gordon E. Walters. His untimely death last week was a tremendous loss for family, friends and his office staff. Dr. Walters will always be remembered as a devout Christian who lived life to the fullest each day. His strong love for the Lord gave him the ability to guide many individuals down the right path.

About 12 years ago, Dr. Walters received a new heart, yet he continued to put others first, conquering the transplant that never held him back. Dr. Walters was a wonderful cardiologist who served his patients and community for many years.

As time passes, we will always remember Dr. Walter's warm smile and gentle, caring personality. Although he is gone from this Earth, his legacy will continue through his children and grandchildren, and this extraordinary individual will be in our hearts forever.

Vickie Echols, Administrator, Augusta Cardiology Clinic