Bees a danger at crowded intersection

About three weeks ago I noticed that a colony of bees had nested in the traffic light support pole on the northwest corner at Wrightsboro and Barton Chapel roads. The pole is in Fox Appliances "yard," and groundsmen and others walk or work in that area.


I called 9-1-1 to report it and was told that someone would be notified about it. I then called the DOT and spoke to the field supervisor who said that they would send someone to spray and kill the bees.

Nothing has been done, and the danger still exists to passers by.

I am concerned that someone will inadvertently disturb them and get attacked. The pole has crossing signal buttons on it, and a number of folk regularly use that crossing. If someone's child hits that pole with their hand or an object, hard enough to disturb the bees, it could turn out to be a tragedy. If a car hits that pole in an accident, the bees will complicate the rescue of the occupants and increase the danger to folks nearby.

With the colder temps in the area, the bees appear to be active only in the afternoon. You can see them flying in and out of an access hole about halfway up the hollow pole.

Mike Jackson




Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:02

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