Why McCain became my choice

Will someone please define the word "racism" for me? I plan on voting for John McCain because of his experience, morals, patriotism, military service and no known past indiscretions. He may not have been my first choice, but he's certainly my choice now.


Barack Obama was for years a member of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's hate-America church and a close friend of terrorist William Ayers. Obama has little legislative experience, no foreign policy experience, and very little domestic policy experience, except that taught him by ACORN.

I know some people would vote for a Democrat right out of prison and some blacks will vote for Obama just because he's black. This seems to me to be a definition of "racism."

We survived Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and I'm sure we can survive Obama too.

I realize a president alone cannot pass a spending bill, declare war or cause a depression, but I also know at this time we need a leader we can respect.

Jim Sarver




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