Obama's access should concern you

Wednesday on the editorial page, I read a comment that really got me to thinking.


My sister and I both were employed by DuPont at Savannah River Site during both the construction and operation phases back in the 1950s and were required to be "Q" cleared to ensure our employment and toÂallow us access to any classified documents required in our jobs.

The "Q" clearance meant that we had to have our backgrounds checked out by the FBI, which in those days did a thorough job. I remember that my Granddad was living in our home in Memphis in those days, and he almost had a fit when an FBI agent came up and started asking him some questions about me. Anyway, they really did a good job and I got my clearance.

What really scares me about Obama is that I don't believe he, with all his previous associations with certain individuals, could be given a "Q" clearance. The really bad potential is that as president of this country, he will have access to the biggest and most secret documents in existence today.

Is that not irony? Why do we not have the same requirements for our presidential hopefuls before giving them access to the most highly classified documents?

I'm not only "just wondering," I'm downright afraid for the future.

This should be a concern to anyone regardless of their political leanings.

Jim Shoffner




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