Whites need to adjust to new reality

The presidential campaign has incurred fear on the part of conservative white Americans in general, and deeply entrenched hostility on the part of white southerners in particular. The fear is that an African-American just might win the presidency.


White Americans have not learned that life brings about changes that they cannot always control. They were completely taken aback by the emancipation of slaves and have spent their lives trying to psychologically make amends for this "mishap."

Women are boldly having children without marriage; interracial relations are springing forth -- outright egregious behavior.

I watched aghast as John McCain tried to belittle Barack Obama in the debates. In the first debate, he barely acknowledged Obama's presence by refusing to look at him even when he was asked to do so by the moderator. McCain repeatedly stated Obama didn't understand several issues.

The final outrage was when McCain showed his hostility and disrespect by referencing Obama as "That one!"

McCain is an undisciplined anachronism. In a time when just about every country has access or is trying to develop use of nuclear weaponry, he figuratively keeps his finger on the button to prove that we have the military strength to crush anyone we consider a threat.

Moreover, the American people do not understand the mind-set of foreigners, particularly of Middle Easterners who do not intend to let us ride roughshod over them. This is no longer an era of cowboys and Indians using antiquated firepower like bows, arrows and rifles. Many Third World countries are prepared to use nuclear weapons, so we had better do as Obama suggests: talk to them and treat them as equals rather than as "those people" as McCain treats Obama.

The way in which white Americans treat people of color in this country is the way they treat them internationally, and that's not an ideal negotiating tactic.

Sameera V. Thurmond, Augusta



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