People expect too much of government

The former sacred cow of the Democratic Party, JFK, in his inauguration speech said "ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."


Now the new Democratic sacred cow, Barack Obama, says he's going to make sure nobody loses their homes, all the fat cats on Wall Street will be fired, cut taxes for people that don't even pay them, give everybody health care, and I imagine the next step will be using Dr. Suresh's formula to give everyone super powers (TV show Heroes reference).

People have come to expect far too much from the government. Why? Because they have been led to believe the government has an obligation to give them more.

I want to vote for someone who believes it is none of the government's business who gets loans and who doesn't. I want to vote for a man or woman who really couldn't care less if you buy health care. I want to vote for someone who will make sure we have a strong national defense (and when necessary strong offense) and good police force, who will make sure employers pay a fair wage to legal U.S. citizens, brutalizes criminals and stays out of everything else.

I want a president who will answer a debate question like "what are you going to do for me" with something along the lines of "A lot less than is being done for you now; the world doesn't owe you a living."

In short, I want the president to do his job and stay out of things that shouldn't be his job!

Unfortunately that person will not likely gain any political credibility until after the fall of this republic. Until that time comes, I guess I will just have to cling to guns and religion.

Michael D. Buchanan II




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