Liberating to study up on election

I just wanted to appeal to those of you who feel you have not been "in the know" on the presidential election. I felt the same way. But folks, resources abound in the world of the Internet.


Do your homework. Your vote counts. I am a McCain-Palin supporter, and I am so because of the homework I have done. Not because I consider myself Republican, not because I am a feminist, not because of any reason aside from the facts. I am basing my decision on the issues.

Look at the candidates' ideas for change. Don't just look for change. Being an employee ofÂthe corporate world for over 20 years has taught me one thing if nothing else: Change is going to happen.

I was always an advocate of change. But my friends, change in and of itself is not always good. We need solid ideas to support what those changes will be.

McCain and Palin offer that. Their ideas of change have backbone. Their changes will give power to people, not government. Their change is not afraid to reach across party lines or include experts in other parties to help move the change. Their records prove that.

All this to say one thing: Do your homework. Don't count yourself or your vote out. Download speeches, investigate voting records, read the specifics of the change. Empower yourself folks. You will be surprised how liberating it is.

Jessica Beheler



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