An Obama victory scares the dickens out of me

If we are to believe the "polls" our current presidential election is over. The Democrats (that should read Socialists)Âhave won, and we should expect "change" immediately.


We have no real idea what form the "change" will take, but we know this "change" will cost us trillions of dollars.

This "change" is articulated by an individual who worked to load the voter rolls in Chicago through his association with ACORN, where he was their "legal" counselor and educator. The same individual who, as a U.S. senator, lobbied for billions of dollars in "earmarked" spending, all the while decrying the same "earmark" practices used by his cronies to load legislation with untold billions of dollars worth of wasteful spending.

Forgetting all of Mr. Obama's failings would be foolish, but, for the moment let's do that. Instead, let's examine the manner in which we have treated our present president.

He was vilified before he won his first term in office, and he's been vilified ever since. First we were told that he "stole" the election; no matter how many times the votes were counted and no matter how many decisions were handed down by numerous courts across the nation, he still "stole" the election.

Since taking office, his federal appointments have been blocked, his policies criticized, his military actions first cheered then called foolish and dangerous. Mr. Bush has fought Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida, Democrats, and the nation's media.

How he's held his head up is amazing.

No, Democrats don't deserve "congratulations." They deserve all the scorn we can muster.

If Mr. Obama does win this election, it will be with the assistance of fraudulent votes by ACORN-sponsored voters and voters who can't articulate any of the "changes" he's insisting we need.

Unfortunately the "great unwashed" and uneducated control our destiny.

That scares the dickens out of me.

Fred Boeck




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