Palin better bet than Obama, Biden

Regarding Lowell Greenbaum's Sept. letter, "Choice of Sarah Palin is truly appalling":


Would the Democrat persons who would be commander in chief, either Barack Obama or Joe Biden, any better? Neither has had any military experience unless you count as experience Biden's son being in the military. Hopefully not.

In fact, Obama has zero military experience, even though he can call on his homegrown terrorist friends to advise him on how to make pipe bombs to kill innocent people. Biden's only military experience was to get five draft deferments, based on his asthma. A lot of Americans have served in the military with asthma problems. Talk about George Bush and Dick Cheney ducking military responsibilities -- well, Biden is a draft dodger supreme...

Sarah has at least commanded a state national guard. What have Obama and Biden commanded? Terrorists of the world will chew Obama and Biden up and spit them out.

Also, how much military experience would Hillary Clinton have brought to the table? Zero!...

J.D. Sims




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