Problems at lake about leadership

The reason for the lake level problem at Lake Thurmond is that elected leaders are sidestepping their responsibilities and not doing the jobs they were elected to do.


Additionally, people of influence like the head of the Corps of Engineers are failing to show the leadership toughness required of their positions. The problem and cause are very similar to the energy and economic crises that are being experienced at the national level.

It doesn't matter whether you talk to congressmen at the local or national level. I've talked to all of them. They all pass the buck and act as if the problem is someone else's. And if you talk to the leaders at the Corps of Engineers they tell you they are simply following the rules that have been laid down for them.

It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to recognize that the way Lake Thurmond is being handled is disastrous. Why, then, doesn't one of these guys do what I'm doing and tell everyone something needs to be done and done now? Isn't that what they are being paid to do? Instead, everyone is sticking their head in the sand waiting for someone else to take the lead.

I personally can come up with numerous ways to solve the problem. And so can any of our leaders. But since no one has stepped up and done the job they were elected to do, Lake Thurmond has ceased to be a functioning lake. As it stands now, the people with property, recreation, and business interests around the lake are making huge economic sacrifices for very questionable reasons.

The people gaining from water being drained out of an already destroyed lake would never ask for such sacrifices if they were made aware of the options available. There are much more practical ways to accomplish the same benefits. The parallels with the gas and economic crises are no accident. They all stem from lack of leadership on the part of all concerned with these jobs. The main difference is that the lake problem involves local rather than national leaders.

Jerry Clontz

Aiken, S.C.



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