The truth about Obama's friends

Weathermen, aka Weather Underground, was a radical leftist group formed in 1969. Their stated goals were establishment of a "white" fighting force allied with the black liberation movement, destruction of U.S. imperialism, andÂestablishment of a "classless society" (communism) in America.


In 1970, the group issued a Declaration of War against America, and began a domestic terror campaign of bombings, jailbreaks, and riots! Three of their members were killed by an explosion while assembling bombs.

Members of the group, allied with the Black Liberation Army, conducted an armed robbery of Brinks, killing two police officers and a Brinks security guard. One of the original 11 members, Bill Ayers, son of Thomas G. Ayers, Chicago philanthropist and influential CEO of Commonwealth Edison, went underground until 1980, then surrendered to authorities. All charges against him were dropped due to a technicality, and he was not prosecuted again.

While undercover, he married Bernardine Dohrn, another leader of the radical Weathermen. She was on the FBI's most wanted list until surrendering, but somehow received only probation and a $15,000 fine for her activities.

The "fix" was complete!

Unrepentant to this day, Bill Ayers has stated, "I don't regret making bombs! I feel we didn't do enough!" Bill Ayers became prominent in Chicago politics, and Sen. Barack Hussein Obama numbered him among his friends and advisers before his presidential bid. Now he only vaguely remembers him.

The Obamas were socially and politically connected to the Ayers, who used their influence to get Obama an Illinois Senate Seat, held fundraisers and contributed money to his campaign. It was at their home the decision was made that Barack Hussein Obama would seek the Senate seat he now holds.

Just in case you wondered!

Robert Smock




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