They're the ones who threw the bums in!

In Friday's Chronicle , Cal Thomas advises that we "can throw these bums out and replace them with freshmen Republicans..." Did he forget about the real culprits?


The Democrats didn't want reform because they had their hands in the cookie jar. To most Democrats those men are celebrated heroes. If they get caught doing something illegal and get away with it they get re-elected right back into office.

A perfect example is the man who made that repulsive quote just below Mr. Thomas's column: Rep. Alcee Hastings got caught taking bribes as a federal judge, and is now a congressman in Florida!

So until the uneducated and blind masses, who continue to vote in these crooks, become educated (which won't happen because the Dems control the schools too; hmmm, interesting) our country will continue to suffer.

Tim Sneed




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