Crisis a failure of Republicans, fat cats

In their desperation to keep a Democrat out of the White House, Republican demagogues are resorting to racist scapegoating.


They blame our current financial crisis on minority loans, an entirely false bit of propaganda reminiscent of Nazi efforts to blame all of Germany's ills on the Jews.Â

The claim makes little sense, because the Community Reinvestment Act passed back in 1977, but most of the risky loans were made after 2001, a time closely correlated with Phil Gramm's and John McCain's successful maneuvers to deregulate the mortgage industry.

Furthermore, most of the problems are the result of (mostly Caucasian) fat cats investing heavily in real estate properties that collapsed in value once the market bubble burst.

The financial crisis is the direct result of Republican failure to govern.ÂThe mortgage industry disaster is blood on the hands of John McCain.ÂShame on anyone who plans to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.

Sen. McCain is a crazy old crook; his involvement in the savings and loan scandal 20 years ago should have precluded him from holding any kind of office, and it's apparent he wants to foot-stomp our way back into a Cold War with Russia.

Gov. Palin is a babbling buffoon, lacking the slightest grasp of the issues.ÂIf McCain died, her resulting presence in the Oval Office would be a guarantee Republicans managed to find the one politician on the continent even dumber than George W. Bush.

In 1932 Americans were smart enough to reject Herbert Hoover and laissez-faire economics.ÂI hope Americans are as smart as they were then and throw all the Republicans out of office.

Mark Gelbart