So a woman running mate is a crutch?

On Sept. 16, Mr. Kevin Palmer wrote a letter that brought up some interesting accusations.


First, he wrote that Sen. John McCain uses women as a "crutch" because his wife is often by his side during public appearances. And Mr. Palmer claimed that Mrs. Palin is Sen. McCain's "surrogate crutch" when his wife is unavailable.

Secondly, Mr. Palmer wrote that because of his age Sen. McCain does not have the "mental or physical wherewithal to assume the duties of the presidency." His "shelf life for the presidency has expired."

So according to Mr. Palmer, if you are a woman and a man chooses you to be his second-in-command it isn't because you are just as competent as a man for the job, it is because he is using you (when his wife isn't around) as a "crutch." And if you are a senior citizen you are both mentally and physically useless as a leader.

I seriously doubt that Mr. Palmer would have written this letter if Mrs. Palin had been Mr. Palin and Sen. McCain had been 45 instead of 72. Then they wouldn't have been an "old man" and a "female religious hypocrite."

Mrs. Obama often appears in public with her husband, and Mr. Biden often appears in public with his running mate. Are they "crutches" too?

This is yet another example of blatant sexism and age discrimination from a follower of a political philosophy that ostensibly supports women's rights and the rights of the elderly. I don't have to "resuscitate my conservative brain" to see that. Sorry!

Candice D. Blanton




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