McCain is old and led around by women

Have you noticed how John McCain uses women as a crutch? McCain's wife is by his side during public appearances. Now, Sarah Palin is McCain's surrogate crutch when his wife is not available.

John McCain is similar to Ronald Reagan during his second term. Nancy Reagan had to practically lead President Reagan around by the hand. All you have to do is open your eyes, resuscitate your conservative brain and notice how McCain is being handled.

Starry-eyed conservatives need to stop thinking like sheep. McCain does not have the mental or physical wherewithal to assume the duties of the presidency. His time has come and gone.

As a retired veteran myself, I salute his service to this country. But, McCain is past due. His shelf life for the presidency has expired. The country does not need an old man and a female religious hypocrite in charge. Sorry!

Kevin Palmer, Martinez