This is Bush's war to live with

I just finished reading the Sept. 11 letter "Today is a day for America to remember" sent in by Gil Ward from Evans. I did not visit the mosque that he spoke of, so I have no comment on the events that took place.

The phrase "the loved ones we lost; and why we are at war" caught my attention. There is ample documentation that shows the war in Iraq was planned prior to 9-11. There were 19 terrorists involved, 15 of them from Saudi Arabia and the other four from different countries -- and none from Iraq. Saddam Hussein had no dealings with the al-Qaida as President Bush claimed over and over that he had a hand in it.

With thousands upon thousands of Iraqi civilians killed, many of them women and children, and over 4,000 of our troops killed, we can lay this immoral war squarely on President Bush's shoulders. This is his war, and he has to live with it.

Jim McGaughy, Aiken, S.C.



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