How about 'Drugs, Islam and Racism'?

When Sarah Palin jumped into the election, I expected she would get attacked for some reason, but I was truly surprised that they went after her teenage daughter.


The media continue to show that there is no principle or long-held tradition that they will not violate when it can work toward their advantage in their holy crusade to elect Barack Obama.

US Weekly recently ran an issue that featured Barack and Michelle Obama, with the title "Why Barack loves her." How cute. Then they ran an issue with Sarah Palin and her new baby on the cover with the headline "Babies, Lies and Scandal."

When questioned in an interview on Fox News, Bradley Jacobs, a Senior Editor of US Weekly explained that the "lies" mentioned on the cover were actually the lies told by the liberal bloggers (about Palin). With the so called trooper-gate scandal, he "didn't have time to get into everything that was mentioned."

Sure, I understand that, and buzz words sell. I could live with that if the Obama cover had read "Drugs, Islam and Racism." That would be just as factually accurate. Obama did admit to abusing cocaine, there are bloggers that suggest Obama is a Muslim, and he did attend a church with a racist ideology for 20 years plus.

Michael D. Buchanan II, Augusta



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