Whatever happened to perpetual care?

Will someone in charge please go and clean up the weeds at Westview Cemetery? It looks awful, and they say they have no help to pick weeds or funds to lay white sand back on the graves.

My poor 84-year-old grandmother -- and me with lupus, and my brother with a bad back -- had to get in that hot sun and pull weeds and pay to put sand down. We had some left over and thought they may want it, but they only called her to get it out of the road. City workers did finally use their tractor to push it out of the way until we could find someone else to move it. I'd bet that if you go down to Magnolia Cemetery, things would look a lot different.

Please tell us why the commissioner in that district is not doing anything to help. Obviously the commissioner doesn't live near there like we do. Sometimes prisoners are there looking around! It's not fair for the lady in the office to have to tell past clients who have already paid for perpetual care that there is no help.

Debra Couch, Augusta



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