Obama is evasive on when life begins

If Americans don't watch it, we are going to end up with an abomination for a president. Some have affectionately referred to it as an Obama Nation. Either way, you are going to ask yourself over the next four years, "Why did we let this happen?"


Barack Hussein Obama has zero leadership experience and has held no job to prove he can be the leader of our nation. When asked by the Rev. Rick Warren, at a recent debate between Obama and John McCain, about when life begins, Obama's response was that the answer was above his pay grade.

Another pay grade that is above Obama's is the president of the United States. So does that mean that if he becomes president, that he will miraculously know the answer? His response was so nebulous that he may need to shed some light on exactly what he meant. Try getting the mainstream media to ask him what he meant by his response the next time he is being swooned over by some of the brainless anchormen and women on our major networks.

We all know what his answer is, but he was afraid to state it in the conservative venue of the Rev. Warren's church. Obama is pro-choice. If he can't take the pressure of a simple question in Saddleback Church in California, how will he do in the White House when asked to make a decision on the economy, health care, foreign affairs or dealing with a terrorist attack on our nation?

Oh by the way, John McCain's answer to the question of when life begins? At conception. If McCain were asked the same question at a pro-choice rally, his answer would still be the same.

You decide.

Kelly W. Penton, Martinez



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