Drilling for oil now is at least a start

My friends and I don't understand the thinking of not tapping our natural resources to help ease the energy crunch.


Of course drilling is not an overnight answer, but we have to start somewhere, and drilling makes the best sense to me. I say drilling first because everyone drives a car or truck whose fuel costs depend on oil prices. We all saw what happened when President Bush announced that he was for offshore drilling; oil prices went down. Just think what would happen if Congress actually allowed oil companies to drill offshore.

It seems that one group of people just want to talk about being energy independence, and another group wants to do something about it now. We have to start somewhere. Everything we touch is tied to oil prices, as everything has to be transported one way or another. I am for wind, solar, tide, fossil fuel and nuclear power; let's get started and stop talking about it.

Sen. John McCain did listen to the people through his town hall agenda ,and felt their pain at the pump and on the grocery shelf. McCain is now for drilling because he listened to the people. He wants to cut our dependency from the Middle East. McCain is for all forms energy power, but it disturbs me that he is not for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Sen. Barack Obama wants us to keep our tires inflated and stick a windmill up our car's exhaust pipe to cut fuel costs. He is not for nuclear power and drilling.

By not drilling we will still be sending our oil money to the Middle East. And don't forget this: The Middle East could care less about us; all they want is our money.

McCain has the leadership, the determination and my vote on solving our energy problems. I encourage everyone to e-mail or call your representatives and tell them how you feel. Let's drill.

Sam Arrington, Louisville



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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