Entertainment media is out of control

I have spent a few evenings lately watching network television and listening to local radio. I'm told that a responsible parent needs to be aware of what their kids are watching and listening to.


Recently my young kids and I were treated to a TV commercial talking up a hot new program about a man who had a baby. We got to see his belly and everything. What does a responsible parent do at a moment like this? Change the channel? I tried to, but it was too late. I think with all my scrambling about, the kids were probably distracted anyway.

This occasion was followed by a network show in which a man fell down an escalator, blood pouring from his privates. The postmortem was grim: his "penis and testicles had been cut off."

Later, there was a murder mystery with a pretty girl and her cranky and controlling husband. But wait, there's more: The pretty girl is having a lesbian tryst with the housemaid.

Where will it stop? While in the car I scanned the radio waves for something upbeat and different. I found it. A local radio station was playing what I guess is a new song by some energetic young ladies. The words they sang went something like this: "I kissed a girl and I liked it."

Who actually enjoys the unmitigated drivel that pours forth from popular media these days? Is this entertainment fit for today's minors, let alone an adult who is attempting to live a life of honor? Is this what we will leave to our kids -- an America that is adrift at sea without a rudder? What lies ahead for our country, given this entertainment trajectory?

Dave Wallace

Aiken, S.C.


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