Republicans growing fiscally clueless

The Augusta Chronicle is absolutely on target in their editorial "Reversal of fortune" (July 31). The Chronicle's analysis of how the Bush administration has come to a deficit of $482 billion with both guns and slashing tax revenues to the wealthy is a welcome admission.


The Chronicle also makes the valid point that when the Republicans were in control of both houses of Congress, Republicans went along with the president. Not included in the $482 billion figure is the $90 billion debt for the Iraq war. Unfortunately, some Democrats, as well as the Republicans, are responsible for supporting President Bush and his Iraq venture, and this great deficit.

It is interesting that Bush was never successful financially when he was in the business world. He always thought he could borrow to support his ventures. He never learned the lesson of fiscal responsibility and he will leave, as The Chronicle points out, with red ink for our children and grandchildren.

In the November election, voters will descend on senators such as Saxby Chambliss, and Rep. Paul Broun, for their foolhardy, lockstep support of Bush's lack of fiscal policies. From what we hear from Washington, Broun is a spendthrift, but Chambliss should know better. Sen. John McCain says he knows little about economics. One has to conclude that the Republicans have put us in a financial mess -- and Republicans, including McCain, Chambliss and Broun, will have no clue how to get us out of it.

Lowell Greenbaum, Augusta

(The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)



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