Religion -- who needs it, anyway?

A majority of the American people will only vote for politicians who believe or profess to believe in the irrational supernatural. Polls show that most Americans won't vote for a rational person who refuses to believe in talking snakes, burning bushes that also can speak, and virgins capable of giving birth to God posing as a rabbi. I think this prejudice against rational people explains why this country has so many problems.

L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer, invented the Church of Scientology. Obviously, he didn't believe in his own fiction, but I think his invention proves a point. Anybody with influence can make up a nutty philosophy and attract throngs of foolish followers. Christians, Muslims and Jews claim they spread morality and ethics, but history teaches the opposite is the truth -- they forced their foolish beliefs upon others at the point of a sword.

American conservatives are most closely tied to religion in this country, and they're the people with the most twisted values, proving their religion has nothing to do with morality and has more in common with the attributes of selfishness and sadism. They resent government programs that help poor people, but support wars of aggression against Third World citizens. Religious conservative opposition to universal health care demonstrates a callousness I find hard to understand.

All religions are an insult to mankind's intelligence, and American society and all of humanity would be better off without them.

Mark Gelbart, Augusta



Tue, 12/12/2017 - 07:57

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