Writer sounds like another leftist pundit

So Mike Kashani will not be voting in this year's election ("Why I won't cast a vote for president this year," Aug. 3). How sad. No - how good!


This "guest columnist" reflects the dismal state of higher education in our country. Surely, some instructor in his college's communications department has casually mentioned that journalists should cite facts when making accusations if they want their opinions to be taken seriously.

Typically, this writer fits the template of propagandists passing as media pundits . The odds are great that Kashani gets his misinformation from the far-left blogs, which also engage in surreal fantasies. He mentions voter fraud in Ohio and Florida - no facts. He claims evisceration of the Fourth Amendment - no facts. On impeachment - again, no facts!

He bemoans the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils. So do I, but I would rather be a citizen here with

that distasteful option than live in a country with no choice at all. He claims to believe in our democratic republic and its ideals, but he does not accept the concept that a majority of citizens select the leadership, good or bad, and then we live with it! Those who don't like it are free to leave, hopefully observing that this country has no walls to keep people here. He fails to understand that third-party movements, particularly after a strong showing, do effect change in subsequent administrations.

Perhaps he could use his education to procure a job as "guest columnist" for a state-run publication in a country without the "lesser of two evils" option. I suggest North Korea, Iran, Venezuela or any one of several African dictatorships.

Paul Hopkins, Aiken, S.C.



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