Tell full story about city's X-Mart fight

This is regarding the July 24 article concerning X-Mart and written by Sandy Hodson ("X-Mart keeps up fight in new suit"). I was very disappointed in the way this article was handled.

The newspaper so seldom gives our commissioners support when they do the right thing and is quick to jump on them when they screw up. OK. They did the right thing in fighting X-Mart by not allowing them to have a business license, and they deserve some credit! This has been a battle for several years, and our commissioners representing us have fought steadfastly to keep this filth out of our city.

The article doesn't mention the reasons behind the decisions, and quite frankly sounds as if The Augusta Chronicle supports this business being here. This type of business only promotes crime - especially crime against women - and it is immoral to the core.

By not reporting enough of the facts in this particular article it appears as if the owners of The Augusta Chronicle are eager to have such a business here and aid X-Mart's lawsuit against the city through poor reporting!

Sue Alzheimer, Augusta



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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