Shame on writer for slamming McCain

Responding to Joseph Diggs Sr.'s letter ("What's the story on McCain as a POW?" July 11): The cheap shot at John McCain and his POW days is as low as it gets!

Anyone with any intelligence can read the story of John McCain's POW experience. His story is well-documented by fellow prisoner-of-war comrades who have not criticized McCain over the way he conducted himself as a POW. Diggs either is purposely trying to mislead the public, for the benefit of Barack Obama, or he is just mean-spirited. Shame on Diggs!

As for Obama, Americans hopefully will see through all of the promises and see the real person: a man with a mouth, and two feet to put in it! He has no experience that qualifies him for the presidency, or, for that matter, the U.S. Senate. Yet, people such as Diggs will vote for Obama and lie for him because of his race, and nothing more!

John H. Capes, Augusta


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