World in need of spiritual awakening

Why is it so difficult to discern a conspiracy, building a one-world government? The reason, I believe, is because most of us are Bible-illiterate. I doubt that many of us know the difference between secular humanism and a biblical world-view.


What we are witnessing is man's second attempt at building Nimrod's Tower of Babel. We are seeing the age-old struggle between the forces of good and evil. Evil men are attempting to replace God's wisdom with man's foolishness.

While those of us in the church are suffering from defeat and waiting for the rapture to occur, our whole Christian culture is being destroyed. Our children already have been indoctrinated in secular humanism in these godless government schools. It is now a hate crime to call evil "evil."

Our leaders are corrupt and treason is rampant. Ninety percent of the incumbents are returned to office simply by giving lip service -- and then they return to vote liberal. Materialism and the love of money is prevalent. Three-quarters of us are in the government trough, one way or another, and we are not going to bite the hands that feed us.

We have murdered millions of our babies in the womb under the label of freedom of choice. As we gather around the family altar of television, it continues to spew out immorality and soft-core pornography.

This is one sin-sick nation. The Bible has the only remedy for sin. Christians are not called to win a popularly contest. We are called to be the salt and the light to the world, not be part of the problems.

What is needed is a spiritual awakening.

Andy Windham

Wagener, S.C.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 23:30

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