Answer these questions on energy

Thank you for your editorial "A summit for solutions" (July 1), urging effective leadership to solve our energy problems by our Washington lawmakers.


U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett has recently written his South Carolina constituents requesting our input on the following questions. Let us all promptly contact our Washington people with our answers, and urge them to take mission-to-the-moon actions to solve this problem:

- Should we drill for oil both in our outer continental shelf and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? Most assuredly, as a first priority and with the goal of producing major amounts of oil within a year. We built Savannah River Site reactors, each within a year, when our national security demanded such prompt action; drilling for oil can't be more challenging than that.

- Should environmental considerations and a desire to preserve oil for future generations hamper prompt production of major amounts of oil today? No. We should use our fossil liquid fuel sources (liquid petroleum, shale oil and coal), as we now need them. Best estimates suggest that these sources will supply all our needs for many decades, quickly and most economically; during this time we can develop biomass ethanol, hydrogen and batteries for our transportation needs for the following centuries

- Should we support public and private partnerships for the construction of the next generation of nuclear plants in the CSRA? Most assuredly. SRS is by far the best location in the Southeast for this work, which must include fuel reprocessing and multiple uses for the reactor-produced energy. Such multiple energy uses should include electric generation, ethanol production and a cluster of other endothermic industries. Limitless clean, safe, low-cost energy for our homes, businesses and for our cars, for the entire the entire Southeast for the next millennium -- what a fine use for SRS, and what a fine challenge for our next generations of young people!

- Is the dependence on foreign oil a major security threat for this country? Most assuredly!

Fred Christensen, Aiken, S.C.



Sat, 12/16/2017 - 20:23

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