Pedicabs are a great energy solution

I was thrilled to read the article on pedicabs by Stephanie Toone ("Bikes soon could hit streets as taxis," June 25).


People who do not have cars are handicapped, and have to depend upon either taxis or public buses when they have to go out. Pedicabs, popularly called rickshaws, are most common and cheap transport facilities for them.

We have a public bus system in Augusta, but very few people take advantage. Cities such as Savannah, Charleston and Athens have pedicab facilities, and Augusta should have it, too, and not just for downtown, but anywhere people want to go.

In Asian countries, pedicabs or rickshaws are very common means of transport. Very few big cities have public transport systems, while other cities and towns people depend upon cheap and common transport facilities such as rickshaws. They can go anywhere at a very low cost. It can accommodate up to three people. The transport charges are decided by the government, depending upon the distance.

In present days of the rising cost of gas, these will be economical transportation within the city.

Champak C. Patel, Martinez


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